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The Measuring Opportunities for Women In Peace Operations (MOWIP) Toolbox provides all data collection tools, templates and explainers necessary for conducting a MOWIP assessment, using the MOWIP Methodology. All data collection tools, templates, and explainers referred to in the MOWIP Methodology are downloadable on this webpage.

Note that the data collection tools, templates, and explainers are living documents that the team may update, when necessary. Therefore, they may slightly differ from the examples presented in the  MOWIP Methodology.

The updated version of the toolbox is currently available in all three languages: English (EN), French (FR) and Spanish (SP). For any question relating to the toolbox, please contact the DCAF Elsie Helpdesk via

Before using the data collection tools, templates, and explanations, it will be helpful to consider the lessons learned from practitioners and researchers who have already conducted a MOWIP assessment. These can be found here in our publication: Implementing a MOWIP Assessment: Practitioner's Insights (EN – FR - SP)

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Data Collection Tools

  • Fact Finding Form - Armed Force EN - SP
  • Fact Finding Form - Police EN SP
  • Key Decision Maker interview EN - FRSP
  • MOWIP Survey EN 


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  • Template 1 - Strategizing for the Fact-finding Form EN - FR SP
  • Template 2 - Preparing Key Decision-Maker Interviews EN - FRSP
  • Template 3 - Preparing the Survey  EN - FRSP
  • Template 4 - Assessment Plan Timeline EN - FR - SP 
  • Template 5 - Communication Strategy EN - FRSP
  • Template 6 - Data Reporting Key Decision Maker Interviews EN - FR SP
  • Template 7 - Interview Analysis EN - FR SP
  • Template 8 - MOWIP Indicator Form EN 
  • Template 9 - MOWIP Indicator Key EN
  • Template 10 - MOWIP Assessment Report EN - FR SP
  • Template 11 - Survey Pilot Instructions and Worksheet EN - FR SP
  • Template 12 - Interview Consent Form EN - FR SP
  • Template 13 - Validation Worksheet EN - FR SP


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  • Explainer 1 - Implementation partnership models and access to the Cornell GSS Lab and DCAF MOWIP Helpdesk support EN - FR - SP
  • Explainer 5 - Survey Implementation  EN - FR SP
  • Explainer 6 - Developing effective recommendations based on MOWIP findings EN - FR  - SP
  • Explainer 7 - Applying for MOWIP project funding support through the Elsie Initiative Fund EN - FR - SP