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Justice and Security



DCAF supports judicial systems in Bosnia Herzegovina and North Macedonia to strengthen their capacity for upholding the rule of law and individual liberties through an independent supervision of the use of intrusive methods for information collection (such as communications interception or secret surveillance) by law enforcement and intelligence agencies.  

Our activities focus on developing knowledge products and training opportunities specifically designed to equip members of the judiciary to apply in legal practice relevant criteria and principles derived from the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights. 

The Benchbook on Special Investigative Measures is the result of a collaborative effort by local practitioners from different jurisdictions across Bosnia Herzegovina .

“The Benchbook summarises in an excellent, clear and systematized way practical aspects of the implementation of relevant norms from all four Criminal Procedure Codes in Bosnia Herzegovina regulating Special Investigative Measures.” 
                                                            Aleksandar Despenić, Judge of the Basic Court in Bijeljina


“With the Benchbook, young prosecutors and judges will have the opportunity to work in a more efficient, informed way, and in accordance with the relevant laws and human rights standards.” 
                               Šejla Drpljanin, Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of Brčko District of BiH

It provides a thorough guide to procedures, principles, and good practices that should guide prosecutors and judges in the authorization of intrusive methods. The use of this Benchbook in judicial reasoning and training across BIH is aimed to contribute to successful criminal investigations and promote a judicial practice that complies with international standards.

Upholding judicial capacity and independence in the supervision of special investigative measures

This video presents the legal landscape in Bosnia Herzegovina, the use of special investigative measures, the DCAF Justice and Security programme, the Benchbook development process, and good practices dissemination.