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Benchbook On The Implementation Of Measures For Interception Of Communications


This Benchbook is part of the DCAF’s programme for reform of the security-intelligence services in the Republic of North Macedonia which includes increasing judicial capacity and expertise in the authorization and supervision of the use of special investigative measures (SIMs) for the purpose of collecting information by the security and intelligence services.

The Benchbook was written by Macedonian legal experts and members of the judicial system. It includes all 12 legally prescribed SIMs and analyzes national legislation in this field and international standards, notably the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights.

The Benchbook offers clear and practical indicators and guidelines that serve as a starting point for prosecutors and judges in the processes of drafting requests, approving, applying and supervising the use of special investigative measures and other intrusive methods for information collection by the security and intelligence services. There are three identical version in Macedonian, Albanian and English.

Authors: Spasenka Andonova, Andrej Bozhinovski, Daniela Dimovska, Bogdancho Gogov, Jovan Jovcheski, Biljana Karovska Andonova, Sandra Krstikj, Snezana Petrovikj Arsovska, Xhemali Saiti, Natasha Saramandova.


Editors: Gordan Kalajdjiev; Penelopa Gjurchilova