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International principles and standards for the application of special investigation techniques


This course provides introductory training for judges and prosecutors at all levels who are involved in the authorisation and supervision of special investigative techniques in the context of criminal proceedings.

Special investigative techniques and their application have major implications on human rights and liberties. It is necessary to prevent arbitrariness in the application of these measures because of the risk of violation or restriction of the rights protecting the personal integrity and the confidentiality of personal communications of the person subject to these measures.

This course will provide the professionals in the judicial system with the essential information about the right to privacy, its limitations through the principles and standards of the European Court of Human Rights practice, and its protection through the established international principles and standards, in particular when special investigative techniques are used.

The training consists of four modules:
-    A general overview of the right to privacy
-    Restrictions to the right to privacy
-    Principles of privacy in the application of special investigative techniques
-    Standards of application of the techniques through the jurisprudence of the ECtHR.

The course is available in English and Bosnian.