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Integrating Gender into Internal Police Oversight

5 May, 2014



  • How can a police service monitor its success in providing equal opportunities for men and women?
  • How can it monitor how it addresses the different security needs of men and women?
  • How can it ensure that attention to gender is embedded in all its internal systems and processes?

This guidance note on Integrating Gender into Internal Police Oversight, developed by DCAF, OSCE/ODIHR  and the OSCE Gender Section is a practical resource for police services, and those who manage and support them. It can help a police service move beyond a policy commitment to integrate gender by designating responsibilities for gender, by monitoring how gender issues are addressed in human resource management and in police operations, and by strengthening prevention and respond to sexual harassment and discrimination.

Designed as a complement to the DCAF, OSCE/ODIHR, UN-INSTRAW Tool on Police Reform and Gender, and DCAF's Gender Self Assessment Guide, the guidance note contains checklists, examples of good practice from across the OSCE, and a self assessment table.

It is an essential resource for those: working at the strategic or management level in police services, responsible for human resources, providing specialist services for victims of domestic and sexual abuse, and supporting police reform and/or gender mainstreaming.

Associated guidance notes are available on: Integrating a Gender Perspective into Internal Oversight within Armed Forces and Integrating Gender into Oversight of the Security Sector by Ombuds Institutions & National Human Rights Institutions.