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Peace Processes: Negotiating reform of the security sector

1 May, 2019



About this SSR Backgrounder

This SSR Backgrounder explains how SSR features in peace processes and how it is linked to other aspects of security, justice and democratic governance. It highlights some of the main factors that influence the inclusion of SSR in peace processes, including the roles and strategies of mediators in shaping the negotiations. It also discusses what issues of SSR are typically not addressed in peace processes and some of the principal challenges of SSR negotiation and implementation.

This SSR Backgrounder answers the following questions:

  • Why is SSG central to peace processes?
  • How can SSR feature in peace processes?
  • What aspects of SSR are often neglected in peace processes?
  • What other security arrangements in peace processes are relevant to SSR?
  • What are the challenges of including SSR in peace processes?