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Ombuds Institutions for the Armed Forces: Roles and Responsibilities in Good Security Sector Governance

1 May, 2019



About this SSR Backgrounder

This SSR Backgrounder explains what ombuds institutions for the armed forces are, what they do and how they contribute to good governance of the security sector. These institutions provide oversight of the armed forces by receiving and investigating complaints, thereby improving the accountability, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency of the armed forces. They are an essential feature of democratic security sector governance that ensures respect for the rule of law and human rights.

This SSR Backgrounder answers the following questions:

  • What are ombuds institutions for the armed forces?
  • What are the different types of ombuds institutions?
  • How do ombuds institutions contribute to good SSG?
  • How do ombuds institutions handle complaints?
  • Why should complaints be encouraged?
  • What kinds of investigations can ombuds institutions conduct?
  • Are ombuds institutions part of the justice sector?
  • How do ombuds institutions ensure the enforcement of their recommendations?