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Global MOWIP Report

9 June, 2022



Produced under the umbrella of the Elsie Initiative, the Global MOWIP presents consolidated data using the MOWIP methodology from 4 Troop- and Police- Contributing Countries (TPCCs) with a focus on actionable recommendations for international peacekeeping policy and practice.  

The Global MOWIP aims to address the broader and more complex issues that go beyond the institutional framework of a single armed force, gendarmerie, or police force, and it contributes to a growing evidence base that reveals how gender equality is central to fit-for-the-future Peace Operations. The international policy and practice insights provided in this report can be leveraged to contribute to the assessment, design, and implementation of gender-equal and fit-for-the-future Peace Operations.  
Consolidated MOWIP data reveals the importance of advancing long-term sustainable peace that is grounded in positive peace and human security. This fundamentally involves recognition that long-term sustainable peace is not merely the absence of armed conflict; rather, it reflects the presence of equal safety, security, and livelihood for all people: women, men, girls, boys, and people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. As such, gender equality is central to long-term and sustainable peace – and central to Peace Operations that are fit for the future.  The Global MOWIP Report was made possible thanks to the technical support of the Gender and Security Sector Lab at Cornell University, and the financial support of Global Affairs Canada and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations. 

Learn more about DCAF's work under the Elsie Initiative here.
Troop and police contributing countries seeking support to implement the MOWIP Methodology in their own armed forces, police or gendarmerie can contact DCAF's MOWIP Helpdesk for further guidance and information:

Download a sample of the report.


Copyediting: by Dianne Battersby
Reviewers : Ann Blomberg, Solène Brabant, Cristina Finch, Ingrid Münch, Kim Piaget, and Camille Risler (DCAF); Deborah Warren-Smith (Elsie Initiative Fund); Sahana Dharmapuri and Cassandra Zavislak (Our Secure Future); Liezelle Kumalo (Institute for Security Studies); Laura Huber (University of Mississippi); Sabrina Karim and Priscilla Torres (Cornell University); and Marcela Donadio (RESDAL).