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Transforming Police in Central and Eastern Europe

1 January, 2004


List of Contents

I. Introduction - Marina Caparini and Otwin Marenin

II.Central Europe

Chapter 1 - The Czech Police: Adopting Democratic Principles - David A. Jenks

Chapter 2 - A (German) Lady Vanishes: the Silent and Somewhat Restless Disappearance of the GDR Police after 1989 - Fabien Jobard

Chapter 3 - Hungarian Police Reform - Éva Keresztes Dimovné

Chapter 4 - Challenges and Changes to the Police System in Poland - Emil W. Plywaczewski and Piotr Walancik

Chapter 5 - A Study of Police Reform in Slovenia -Milan Pagon

III. Southeastern Europe

Chapter 6 - Democratic Government and Administrative Reform: the Transformation of Policing in Bulgaria - Vladimir Shopov

Chapter 7 - The Reform of Romanian Police - Pavel Abraham

IV. Western Balkans

Chapter 8 - Police Reforms in Bosnia-Herzegovina: External Pressure and Internal Resistance - L.Kendall Palmer

Chapter 9 - Distinct and Different: The Transformation of the Croatian Police - Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovic

Chapter 10 - Macedonia's Police Reform - Islam Yusufi

Chapter 11 - Police Reform in the Republic of Montenegro - Željko Ševic and Duško Bakrac

Chapter 12 - Police Reform in Serbia - Marijana Trivunovic

V. Eastern Europe

Chapter 13 - Police Reform in Russia - Annette Robertson

Chapter 14 - Reform of the Militia in Ukraine - Adrian Beck, Alexei Povolotskiy and Alexander Yarmysh

VI. Conclusion - Marina Caparini and Otwin Marenin


Marina Caparini and Otwin Marenin