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SSG/R Series

We develop knowledge products in the form of briefs or in-depth reports. These can range in between 10 to 150 pages, reflecting the aim to reach a broad range of audiences, from newcomers to the field of SSG/R to experienced practitioners and stakeholders.

These knowledge products explore a wide array of topics linked to security sector governance and reform, comprising of material research, comparative case analysis, and policy recommendations.



Built around key concepts of DCAF’s activity and concise phrasing, Backgrounders are meant to be both an introduction to SSG/R for newcomers to the field and a useful communication tool for supporting DCAF’s field divisions in their work. The series focuses on a broad range of topics, divided into five clusters: (1) security sector (actors, management and oversight); (2) reform and governance frameworks; (3) SSG-related issues; (4) SSG-crosscutting issues; and (5) global security challenges. SSR Backgrounders promote general principles and guiding norms of SSG/R while abstaining from analyses of specific institutional models and policy proposals in these fields. The latter forms the object of DCAF’s other flagship publication series (SSR Papers). Backgrounders aim to develop knowledge with universally applicable character and to provide further resources enabling readers to deepen and contextualize their knowledge on the proposed topics.


The SSR Papers are a series of in-depth examinations of contemporary SSG/R issues. They combine theoretical insights with concrete examples and lessons derived from case studies and field experiences. Authored, edited, and peer reviewed by SSR experts, they draw their strength from bringing together the overlapping interests of researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners.

They can be broadly divided in to three categories:

  • Extensive mapping of the roles of security sector actors, and recommendations for best security sector governance principles and practices.
  • Exploration of the ways in which SSR has contributed to achieving closely related policy goals in the fields of development, peacebuilding, transitional justice, and economy.
  • Analyses of various global security challenges’ impact upon SSG/R and advancing policy recommendations on how to mitigate potential risks and challenges.

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