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The Public Security Directorate of Jordan MOWIP Report

16 August, 2023



 The Measuring Opportunities for Women in Peace Operations (MOWIP) assessment was developed to examine barriers and opportunities to women’s participation in peace operations. The assessment methodology was developed in partnership with Cornell University and its practitioners in seven countries, including Jordan.

The national assessment was conducted in partnership with the Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW), which undertook the data collection for this project. This assessment was implemented with financial support from Global Affairs Canada and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, within the framework of the Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations, launched by Canada in 2017.

You can learn more about DCAF’s work on the Elsie Initiative on the DCAF Elsie Initiative webpage. The MOWIP Methodology is the standard methodology for assessments required for applications to the Elsie Initiative Fund. All data collection tools, templates, and explainers are available on the MOWIP Toolbox webpage. Troop- and Police-Contributing Countries looking for support to implement the MOWIP Methodology in their own armed forces, police, or gendarmerie are welcome to contact the DCAF MOWIP Helpdesk for further guidance and information:


Copyediting: Dianne Battersby / Reviewers: Ann Blomberg, Cristina Finch, Daniel de Torres, Léa Lehouck, Callum Watson and Lorraine Serrano