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Proceedings of the seminar Governance of the security sector at the local level

8 December, 2020


In partnership with the Center for Law and Democracy Studies (CEDHD), DCAF published the proceedings of the seminar “Governance of the security sector at the local level”, held in December 2019 in Rabat, with the participation of researchers, elected officials and representatives of civil society organizations from Morocco, France, and Belgium.
The proceedings address the issue of proximity in the field of security by sharing various national experiences, including the case of Morocco. The proceedings also address SSG challenges at the local level and share suitable examples of cooperation to broaden the scope of participation of the actors involved in this approach.
The publication deals with the following areas:

  1. What is the rationale of community-based policing?
  2. Governance of security at the local level, what role for elected officials and local communities?
  3. Communication policy and security sector.
  4. Security governance: what role for the civil society?