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Needs Assessment Report of five Palestinian Civil Society Organizations: Informal Oversight Capacities in the Palestinian Security Sector

31 December, 2014



Public involvement in democratic oversight is crucial to ensure accountability and transparency across the security sector. The engagement of civil society organisations (CSOs) in the security policy domain strongly contributes to accountability and good governance. Civil society involvement can be accomplished by (i) monitoring government performance and policy, and (ii) ensuring their compliance with laws and human rights through observance.

The role of CSOs in the security sector is a relatively new area of activity for these groups, where many of the CSOs that are present in this sector were founded within the last ten years. DCAF, therefore, continues to support Palestinian CSOs to strengthen their capacity to contribute to oversight in the security sector.

The report presents the main results of a needs assessment on public oversight, undertaken with five Palestinian CSOs that are active in security sector reform:

  • SHAMS Human Rights and Democracy Media Center
  • The Palestinian Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (PCSSR)
  • The contemporary Centre for Studies and Policy Analysis (MEDAD)
  • The Palestinian Centre for Security Sector Studies (PCSSS)

This report is the first step of a process aimed at enhancing the strategic thinking of the five CSOs. The ultimate goal is a long term change: DCAF hopes that through this assistance, CSOs’ work will become more efficient and effective, which  in turn contributes to strengthen their informal oversight role in the long-term.