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Key Issues and Policy Recommendations 9:Ukraine’s SSR Accomplishments and Plans

13 December, 2017


This publication offers the Key Issues and Policy Recommendations based on the results of the Ninth International Conference “Ukraine’s Security Sector Reform: Accomplishments and Plans”. Ukraine, in challenging circumstances, has made significant achievements in strengthening its national defence capabilities and developing its national security system. This has been possible due to the joint efforts of the Ukrainian government and society, and the unprecedented level of external support provided by Western entities: individual states, governmental and non-governmental organisations alike. The Ninth Conference was the last among a series of events held in the framework of the two-year project, which goals were to develop multi dimensional opportunities to support reform efforts and assist in the development of democratic governance in the Ukrainian security sector. The final event aimed not only to summarise the results of the project, but also to assess Ukraine’s SSR achievements, and also to examine how such achievements align with the strategic objectives of the project; namely, to identify the most problematic reform areas.


DCAF, Razumkov Centre