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Old Expectations, New Challenges: What we look for in a peacekeeper and why it matters

5 January, 2022



"The peacekeepers of today and tomorrow need to have a combination of combat and tactical skills, knowledge of the cultural context and the language and communication skills to gain this knowledge, and attitudes that align with peacebuilding such as a commitment to the rule of law and human rights, including gender equality."

This policy brief explores issue area 2 of the MOWIP methodology, titled “Deployment Criteria”, while also examining the effect of the two cross-cutting issue areas 9 (Gender Roles) and 10 (Social Exclusion).

It aims to outline policy actions that security institutions in Troop and Police Contributing Countries, such as armed forces, gendarmeries, and police, and the United Nations Department of Peace Operations should adopt to ensure that the criteria used to select women and men for peace operations maximize the operational effectiveness of the mission and ensure an institutional culture where women and men with diverse knowledge, skills and experience are valued and respected.

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Ingrid Munch, Solène Brabant