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Mapping international assistance in the security and defence sector of the Republic of Moldova

10 May, 2024



This comprehensive study seeks to illustrate the role played by the international community in the improvement of the Moldovan security sector.

Spearheaded by DCAF and PISA, the Platform for Security and Defense Initiatives, the mapping lists and explores the international assistance provided by bilateral and multilateral actors for the development of the security and defense sector in Moldova. It can be used as a reference, for the country to better mobilise and capitalise on foreign assistance in its European integration efforts and in its plans for security sector governance and reform.

In an effort to effectively analyse the changes taking place in the Moldovan security sphere, this study utilises various external assistance datasets, legislative reviews, field research, as well as interviews of members of civil society, state officials, and representatives of various embassies and international organizations. Quantitative data related to the security sphere was also examined which included allocated budgets and funding from external partners.

This publication was conducted within the DCAF “Strengthening security sector governance in Moldova” project, supported by Sweden.