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Gender Self-Assessment Guide for the Police, Armed Forces and Justice Sector

1 January, 2011



This self-assessment guide is a tool for assessing the gender responsiveness of a security sector institution. A gender-responsive security sector institution is one that both meets the distinct and different security and justice needs of men, women, boys and girls and promotes the full and equal participation of men and women. While it can be used by other security sector institutions, the guide is particularly designed for use by police services, armed forces and justice sector institutions, and those working with them.

The self-assessment guide leads the user through an eight-stage process to conduct an assessment of a security sector institution, create an action plan to move the organisation forward, and monitor and evaluate the plan's implementation. The assessment will collect information across 16 €œdimensions€ of gender responsiveness, grouped into the following themes:

  • Performance effectiveness
  • Laws, policies and planning
  • Community relations
  • Accountability and oversight
  • Personnel
  • Institutional culture