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Guide to Good Governance in Cybersecurity

19 January, 2021



Modern day challenges stemming from the increased dependence on cyberspace, and from its interconnectivity with society globally, require an array of different responses. Governments, the private sector and civil society have to come together to address the challenges of cybersecurity governance. In addition, legal and policy frameworks will have to adapt to better respect and implement international human rights norms, while effectively combating cybercrime, cyber malicious acts, cyber attacks as well as the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes and the promotion of violent extremism. Only vigorous action in this direction will promote a secure, stable and open cyberspace. 

This Guide was written for policy makers, technical experts, civil society and all those interested in best practices of governing cybersecurity. It draws on DCAF’s experience in promoting good governance in the security sector. This book consists of six chapters that explain how to apply the principles of good governance to cybersecurity. The six chapters focus on the following subjects:
good governance of the security sector and its application to cyberspace
the link between cyberspace, cybersecurity and the governance of the security sector
international and regional legal frameworks applicable to cyberspace
the application of international and regional standards
national cybersecurity strategies
promoting effective cooperation between the public and private sectors in cyberspace.