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Gender self-assessment in the Colombian National Police


With the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DCAF has supported the Colombian National Police in conducting a gender self-assessment in 2020. More than 132.000 police staff, constituting over 90 percent of the institution, participated in the assessment survey, whose results were likewise complemented by interviews and focus group discussions, which cover the geographic, gender, ethnic and rank-related diversity of police staff, and with a systematic review of internal documents.

Detailed recommendations and a gender action plan were developed, based on the collected evidence. DCAF is currently supporting the Colombian National Police in implementing these recommendations and actions, in line with broader institutional reform processes.

The Recommendations Report offers general and specific recommendations for the Colombian National Police to move forward in becoming a more gender-responsive institution.
Watch the launch event:

The below video “Towards a more gender-responsive police in Colombia” takes stock of the past five years of gender-specific work with the Colombian National Police and civil society, for which DCAF has been providing technical assistance with the generous funding of the Norwegian Government.

The video presents three interlaced projects: an inward-looking gender self-assessment of the police whose evidence-based recommendations are being institutionalized in policies and operations; a project with UNIPEP and rural, indigenous, and afro-Colombian women’s and LGBTI persons’ organizations on access to everyday security in conflict-affected areas; and awards granted to outstanding policewomen.