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Gender Self-Assessment of the National Police of Colombia – Recommendations Report

25 November, 2021


The Gender Self-Assessment (GSA) of the National Police of Colombia is a process led by the police institution to diagnose its current status in terms of gender-responsivness, with the aim of promoting full and equal participation of women and men in the institution and responding to the differentiated security needs of men, women, boys and girls in Colombia.

The GSA was conducted in 2020 with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and technical advice from DCAF. Following a process of data collection related to gender mainstreaming in different dimensions and areas, it was possible to identify good practices implemented by the institution, as well as existing gaps for full and effective integration of a gender approach.

As a result of this analysis, the Recommendations Report offers general and specific recommendations for the National Police to move forward in becoming a more gender-responsive institution.

Watch the launch event: