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Gender Equality and Good Security Sector Governance: Gender equality for state and human security

17 November, 2015


This SSR Backgrounder is about gender equality and the principles of good security sector governance (SSG). Gender equality means ensuring that women and men have equal access to opportunities, resources and participation. The principles of good governance cannot be applied to the security sector without gender equality, because good SSG requires that the specific security and justice needs of men, women, boys and girls are addressed in the provision, management and oversight of security. This SSR Backgrounder explains why gender equality is a constituent part of good SSG.

This SSR Backgrounder answers the following questions:

  • What does gender equality have to do with good governance of the security sector?
  • How is gender equality part of each of the principles of good SSG?
  • Why is gender equality relevant in every context?
  • What problems does gender inequality cause?
  • How are gender equality and good SSG related to SSR?