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Gender and Security Films


FILM 1 Gender and SecurityDCAF offers a series of engaging, innovative and informative animated films on Gender and Security, designed especially for those working in and with security and justice sector institutions. 

All of the films are available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

In 2020, DCAF, OSCE/ODIHR and UN Women launched an ambitious new Gender and Security Toolkit: a set of practical tools and policy guides to help institutions, policymakers and practitioners to promote gender equality and to integrate a gender perspective in the security and justice sector. This is an important resource to support work also on Women, Peace and Security.

But, how can one get Gender and Security messages across quickly? How can one engage partners to sit down and read detailed guidance products, including the Gender and Security Toolkit? 

Films are a fantastic way of doing this. Watch the first two films of the series below and download the flyer to learn about the content of each film and how you can use them in advocacy, training and outreach.


Why Gender Matters in Security and Justice



Who is this film for?

Staff of security and justice institutions, those involved in oversight (such as parliamentarians and ombuds institutions) and others working with the security and justice sector. 

What does this film do?

•    Demonstrates that integrating a gender perspective is critical to the effectiveness of security and justice institutions
•    Challenges viewers to think beyond “gender” as meaning “women”
•    Offers concrete examples of success 
•    Directs to the Gender and Security Toolkit - a key resource for policy and programming



How Gender Bias Harms the Security Sector



Who is this film for?

Those working with security and justice institutions that are already committed to gender equality, who are willing to confront the root causes of harassment, discrimination and underrepresentation of women.

What does this film do?

•    Challenges security institutions to recognise that they are gender biased
•    Explains how gender bias negatively affects both personnel and services 
•    Directs to the Gender and Security Toolkit -  a key resource to address gender bias


Download or Watch the Gender and Security films Package (7 videos)