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DCAF Annual Report 2022

15 June, 2023


Our world has been facing overlapping crises in 2022. We saw unprecedented levels of political instability and increased fighting, including with the return of the war in Europe. The long-term climate crisis and the continuing global COVID pandemic have pushed more women and men into extreme poverty, especially in conflict and fragile contexts. Building resilience and trust is key in today’s world. 

In the 2022 Annual Report, you will find a selection of DCAF’s results and innovative approaches that support an accountable, transparent, and effective security sector, as well as profiles of changemakers, who, in policy or practice, have contributed inclusive and participatory solutions. 

The highlights of the year are available on the 2022 annual report web page  or download our selection of photos that marked the year in English and French


Contributors – Dominic Collins, Julia Klever, Yury Korobovsky
Editors – Maritie Gaidon, Quade Hermann