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Cyber Talks podcast series


The cyber Talks podcast series has been produced following the launch of the publications  “Gender Equality, Cybersecurity, and Good Governance" and "Online actions, offline harms: Case studies on Gender and Cybersecurity in the Western Balkans".

In this episode, we focus on ways forward - exploring what can be done to make cyberspace more secure and combat online gender-based violence - with Dunja Mijatović, Human Rights Commissioner at the Council of Europe, and Ena Bavčić, editor and co-author of the publication, 'Online Actions, Offline Harms: Case Studies on Gender and Cybersecurity in the Western Balkans'

In this episode, we discuss the complexities of non-consensual intimate image distribution and the real-world impacts of this digital-age challenge.

The fifth episode explores the impact of cyber violence on women and LGBTQ+ human rights defenders, as well as the diminishing cyber civic space for activists in these communities.

In the fourth episode we delve into challenges that women and girls often encounter online - being targeted and subject to abuse and sexism, often leading to self-censorship - even among influential women, such as politicians.


The first three episodes have been produced following the launch of the publication “Gender Equality, Cybersecurity, and Good Governance”. They share insights from experts Katherine Millar, James Shires, and Tatiana Tropina. They answer questions related to gender equality, cybersecurity, and good governance.