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Gender equality, cybersecurity, and security sector governance

27 September, 2022



This paper describes for the first time the link between good governance in cybersecurity and gender equality.

It explains how an approach to cybersecurity that focuses on principles of good governance can ensure gender equality. It addresses the need to take into account the security needs of all genders in cybersecurity and to increase the representation of women, girls and people of diverse gender identities in the cybersecurity workforce.  

The paper explains how this can be achieved through the principles of good governance: effectiveness, efficiency, responsiveness, participation, accountability, transparency and the rule of law

Among other concepts, it provides insights on: intersectionality in relation to cybersecurity, contextualized definitions of gender equality (governance, skills, digital access, etc.) and the distinction between ‘gender neutral’ and ‘gender blind’, and online gender-based violence.

“Effectiveness in cybersecurity governance cannot be achieved without understanding that both cybersecurity threats and policy frameworks affect genders in different ways."