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Civil Society Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender (Tool 9)

1 January, 2008




1. Introduction

2. What is the role of civil society in security sector oversight?
2.1 What is civil society?
2.2 How is civil society involved in security sector oversight?
2.3 What are the challenges to civil society involvement in security sector oversight?

3. Why is gender important to civil society oversight?
3.1 Strengthening local ownership
3.2 Effective and comprehensive oversight mechanisms through the integration of gender issues
3.3 Enhanced oversight through the involvement of women’s organisations

4. How can gender be integrated into civil society oversight of the security sector?
4.1 Security sector monitoring bodies
4.2 Research and data collection
4.3 Gender audits
4.4 Gender budget analysis
4.5 Advocacy and awareness-raising
4.6 Working with the media
4.7 Gender training of security sector personnel
4.8 Women’s organisations
4.9 Civil society networks
4.10 Gender-responsive CSOs

5. Integrating gender into civil society oversight in specific contexts
5.1 Post-conflict countries
5.2 Transitional and developing countries
5.3 Developed countries

6. Key recommendations

7. Additional resources


This tool is designed to be a resource for civil society organisations (CSOs) engaged in oversight of the security sector, as well as those CSOs that seek to play a more active role in this regard.

The tool is also relevant for policymakers and officials in national governments, international and regional organisations, and donor countries around the world that are engaged in designing and implementing security sector reforms and that could play an active role in strengthening and supporting civil society engagement.

The tool includes:

- A description of the role of civil society in oversight mechanisms
- The rationale behind the inclusion of gender issues and ways in which this can strengthen and enhance oversight
- Entry points for incorporating gender into different aspects of civil society oversight, including practical tips and examples
- An overview of integrating gender into civil society oversight in post-conflict, transitional, developing and developed countries

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