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Action and accountability: the MOWIP methodology as a tool for equality

13 July, 2022



The MOWIP is an innovative tool to research barriers to, and opportunities for, women’s meaningful participation in peace operations. However, countries undergoing a MOWIP assessment gain valuable information on societal attitudes and practices that contribute to women's exclusion and discrimination that permeate throughout all areas of private and public life, beyond peacekeeping.

This policy brief highlights how civil society can benefit from this information by using it to inform their advocacy on women's rights and gender equality as well as in holding governments and security institutions accountable on their commitments related to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda. Additionally, CSOs can use the MOWIP assessment findings to inform their collaboration with security actors.

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Sana’a Al-Banawi and Dr. Aiko Holvikivi