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Gender, Climate and Security in Yemen - The Linkages and Ways Forward

18 May, 2022



A growing body of research recognises the gendered impacts of climate change, and how these are affected by armed conflict. Women often bear the brunt of conflicts over land and natural resources, climate-related displacement, and gender-based violence.

While the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda has catalysed support to Women’s Rights Organisations (WROs) in peace processes, gendered climate advocacy has not been in focus. With climate garnering attention in peace processes, peace building policy, and security sector reform, this is a critical moment to centre women’s leadership in climate security, and to build our understanding of how climate and WPS policy can be mutually reinforcing.

This country report was produced within the frame of the implementation of the project ‘Raising women’s voices, hearing women’s words: Empowering women’s rights organisations to put climate change on the agenda in peace and security processes’.

This document presents a summary of discussions with WROs regarding peace processes, gendered climate advocacy in Yemen and the linkages of the climate/security/gender nexus in their communities, and what they see as priorities. It provides a guiding framework for international and national policy makers and the donor community supporting Yemen’s stability and development.