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March 05-07, 2024

World Police Summit 2024

Join us at the World Police Summit 2024. 

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Legitimacy, Good Governance and Accountability as Cornerstones’ to Support of Effective Policing Globally
To be effective, the police must be accepted by, and representative of, the population it is meant to service. Ensuring a balance between effectiveness of police institutions and their accountability to the rule of law, is central to maintain their legitimacy and the trust of the population.
The session will highlight the role to be played by government Ministries, Parliaments, Ombuds-institutions, civil society and the media, but the most important role remains a change of approach and culture within policing itself. A major challenge facing governments today is the concerted, co-ordinated and sophisticated actions of organised crime syndicates. 

Community Policing and a Future Model of Crime Prevention
In a future model of crime prevention, community members will play an active role in identifying solutions and implementing crime prevention strategies. Engaging and empowering the community fosters a sense of ownership over public safety. As we look toward the future, community policing is likely to continue evolving and becoming an integral part of a comprehensive model of crime prevention.
The session will discuss the importance of community engagement in crime prevention, best ways to monitored the effectiveness and efficiency of the police serving the community. Emphasizing on strategies, such as partnering with local organizations, establishing neighborhood watch programs, and building trust between police and communities

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