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Working Paper: The Compliance of Palestinian Security Legislation with the UN Convention against Corruption

15 November, 2015



This working paper provides recommendations to Palestinian decision-makers and actors interested in security sector reform on how to address key legal gaps of Palestinian security legislation with regards to safeguarding integrity, transparency and accountability. It reviews international standards and best practice in promotion of good governance of integrity building and anti-corruption measures in the security sector.

Given Palestine’s new obligations and guiding standards after its accession to the Convention, the Council of Ministers requested DCAF to assist in analysing the compliance of Palestinian security sector legislation with international anticorruption standards. DCAF highly commends the Palestinian National Authority for taking this important step of signing the UN Convention against Corruption.

The government and citizens have developed a growing awareness that corrupt practices must be eliminated to build a more transparent and efficient public administration. This Working Paper strives to support ongoing reform efforts with specific recommendations.