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Urban Safety and Security: Security sector governance for inclusive, safe and resilient cities

1 May, 2019



About this SSR Backgrounder

This SSR Backgrounder explains the concepts of urban safety and security and describes the various safety and security challenges that urban SSG is confronted with, ranging from road safety and property crime to urban warfare and environmental disasters. It outlines the different roles of the security sector at local and national levels in provision, management and oversight of safety and security in cities. The SSR Backgrounder then links good SSG to urban development and specifically sheds light on the contribution of good SSG to gender equality and disaster management in cities.

This SSR Backgrounder answers the following questions:

  • What is urban safety and security?
  • What are the challenges for urban safety and security?
  • Who are the security and justice providers in cities?
  • How does good SSG contribute to more inclusive, safe and resilient cities?
  • How does good SSG improve gender equality in cities?
  • How does good SSG strengthen urban disaster management?