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October 10, 2023 | 10:00 AM (CEST)

Towards the Summit of the Future

Towards the Summit of the Future:  Leveraging Security Sector Governance as a Tool for Rebuilding Trust in the Social Contract


This seminar will seek to highlight how security sector governance can be leveraged as an important tool for advancing the New Agenda for Peace, and the UN Common Agenda more broadly, thus providing Member States and broader communities with recommendations for the Summit for the Future.

It will reflect on the following questions:
•    How can a renewed thinking on the social contract help to advance the New Agenda for Peace and the UN Common Agenda? 
•    What role does the security sector play in contributing to a renewed social contract in societies? What lessons exist on how to best leverage good governance of the security sector as a tool for strengthening the social contract and building trust? 
•    How can these lessons inform the development of national prevention strategies called for in the New Agenda for Peace? What other avenues for strengthening the social contract through a security sector governance lens can be considered in relevant discussions at the Summit of the Future? 

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Venue: Conference Room III, Building A, Palais des Nations, Geneva
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