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Toolkit for Security Sector Reporting - Media, Journalism and Security Sector Reform

22 July, 2021



This toolkit was created to address the needs of media professionals reporting on the security sector, especially in conflict-affected and transitional contexts.

Revealing and documenting abuse and corruption by security sector officials, often with the intent to create conditions for political change, is among the most useful and dangerous work a journalist can choose.

It is the product of a process of background research, expert consultations, and external review. A wide range of media professionals, journalists and media development specialists were approached for consultation resulting in twenty-three expert interviews about the challenges of reporting on the security sector.

Security sector reform stakeholders, experts and international donors were also consulted to understand how security sector cooperation with media professionals can be encouraged. A panel of external media professionals provided extensive input to the final draft, and vetted the publication to ensure its relevance for media professionals.  

This publication addresses the need of quality reporting on the security and justice sectors by providing a resource for journalists reporting on the security sector. It fills a gap among existing resources for media professionals, which have focused more on the security of journalists than the specific challenges of reporting accurately on the security sector. 

It also provides a sound introduction to the work of journalists for security sector actors. Gaining an understanding of the unique institutional culture that guides journalism can help the security sector to meet its own responsibility to work constructively with the media.


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Fiona Schnell, Anne Bennett, Abigail Robinson and Line Barabant