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Tool 15: Integrating Gender in Project Design and Monitoring for the Security and Justice Sector

27 February, 2020



This Tool is part of the DCAF, OSCE/ODIHR, UN Women Gender and Security Toolkit.

While there has been a great deal of policy-making around gender equality and Women, Peace and Security, it has proved challenging to translate policy into better programmes and interventions in the security and justice sector. Promoting gender equality and integrating a gender perspective must be part of how programmes and projects are designed and monitored.

The Tool offers straightforward guidance on doing this, making particular reference to lessons learnt, tools, examples and good practice when working with and within the security and justice sector. It explains:

  • Gender analysis as the basis of project design 

  • Grounding project design in a theory of change 

  • Reviewing a project budget using a gender perspective 

  • Using gender equality markers

  • Developing a project monitoring framework 

  • Disaggregating data by sex and age and other characteristics

  • Developing indicators to track gender impacts

  • Choosing a project’s evaluation and learning methods

It includes an institutional self-assessment checklist plus examples of gender-related indicators for the security and justice sector.


Megan Bastick, DCAF