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Teaching Gender in the Military: a Handbook

31 May, 2016


The Teaching Gender in the Military Handbook documents the knowledge outcomes of a series of four workshops organised by the Security Sector Reform and Education Development Working Groups of the Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes (PfPC). The handbook aims to (a) strengthen the ability of faculty to integrate gender in professional military education and (b) improve the capacity of gender experts to deliver educational content. In other words, it aims to cover both "what to teach" and "€˜how to teach"€™ when it comes to gender and the military.The Handbook was created in response to a call to integrate gender in military education and training articulated in the UN Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security; the NATO frameworks to implement these resolutions; and national policies and initiatives in the NATO-PfP area.

The handbook's 19 authors comprise both military and civilian subject matter experts in gender and military education from 13 NATO and PfP Member Nations.  It has ten peer-reviewed chapters divided into two sections:


Section I: What to Teach

1 "Why and How Gender is Vital to Military Operations"€ Lena P. Kvarving, Norway & Rachel Grimes, United Kingdom

2 "The Political and Legal Framework for Gender Education and Training"€ Sally Longworth, Sweden/UK, Nevena Miteva, Bulgaria & Ankica Tomić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

3 "€Gender Education and Training in the Military"€ Yvette Foliant, Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations & Martina Lindberg, Sweden

4 "€How to Integrate Gender into Military Curricula"€  Aiko Holvikivi, DCAF, with Kristin Valasek

Section II: How to Teach

5 "€Adult Learning Principles and Transformative Learning in Teaching Gender"€  Kathaleen Reid-Martinez, Oral Roberts University; Iryna Lysychkina, Ukraine & Andreas Hildenbrand, George C. Marshall Center

6 "Gender Dynamics in the Classroom"€ Callum Watson, DCAF

7 "€Lesson Planning: Backwards Design and Active Learning in Teaching Gender"€ Iryna Lysychkina, Ukraine; Andreas Hildenbrand, George C. Marshall Center & Virpi Levomaa, Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations

8 "€Evaluation as a Tool for Improvement"€  Elizabeth Lape, United States

9 "Leveraging Technologies to Support Teaching Gender"€ Tanja Geiss & Gigi Roman, NATO School Oberammergau

10 "€Faculty Development: Mentoring and Coaching"€ Nathalie Levesque, Canada & Maka Petriashvili, Georgia



Bojana Balon, Anna Björsson, Tanja Geiss, Aiko Holvikivi, Anna Kadar, Iryna Lysychkina, Callum Watson