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Supporting enhanced dialogue on private military and security companies

2 July, 2018


Supporting Enhanced Dialogue on Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) Analysis of information provided to the Annual OSCE Information Exchange

Since the 2009 proposed expansion of the questionnaire, no qualitative analysis of pS reporting on PMSCs has been carried out. A thorough analysis of the information provided by pS could be useful to other OSCE pS in the development of their own regulations and oversight of PMSCs. Furthermore, no research has been conducted on possible gaps in oversight and regulation of the private security industry across the OSCE regions. In consideration of this, the Conflict Prevention Centre has tasked the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) to carry out an analysis of pS’ responses to the voluntary reporting on PMSCs.

The analysis focuses on OSCE's efforts in the regulation and oversight of PMSCs and identifies additional avenues to support States’ reporting. The paper also aims at filling the research gap in understanding OSCE pS’ experiences and how they have engaged with the reporting on PMSCs in the Information Exchange. It also gives an insight on how OSCE institutions and international regulatory initiatives can support OSCE participating States as they seek to overcome challenges in the regulation of PMSCs.