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Support to national partners



DCAF supports the integration of gender equality as an integral component of SSG/R through direct support to national partners. This includes supporting:

  • improvements to the judicial response to domestic violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ukraine in order to provide access to security and justice for all citizens;
  • gender mainstreaming and gender equality within the Malian National Police as a means to strengthen the effectiveness, efficiency and stability of police services; and
  • the development and implementation of a climate survey within the Georgian Armed Forces in order to identify institutional and cultural barriers to gender equality.

Key Resources

Gender and the Judiciary: The implications of gender within the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2014)

Practice Guide: Domestic Violence, Addendum to the Judicial Benchbook (2016)


Gender Bias and the Law: Legal Frameworks and Practice from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Beyond (2017)

Criminal Justice Practice and Domestic Violence: Assessment of the Criminal Justice Systems’ Readiness to Implement the Principles of the Istanbul Convention in Ukraine (2017)

The Security Sector and Gender: A survey of the National Police, Civil Protection, the Armed and Security Forces, the Justice system and Penal services of Mali (2015)