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The Shifting Face of Violence

31 December, 2006



I. New Violence or Shifting Violence? - Alyson J. K. Bailes
What Violence?
New, Growing or Shifting?
What Else Do

II. New Forms of Violence – Implications for Key Security Actors - Keith Krause
War, Violence and Insecurity
Is Lethal Violence Declining
Concluding Thoughts

III. The Shifting Face of Violence - Theodor H. Winkler
List of Acronyms


This publication is directly linked to DCAF's contribution to the 7th International Security Forum (ISF) held in Zurich in 2006 where a DCAF-organised workshop contextualised and assessed the implications of recent and noted changes in violent conflict.

The articles submitted here by three noted experts have been developed from the ISF conference contributions with the explicit goal of presenting a variety of differing perspectives on recent trends in conflict and security.

1. Alyson J. K. Bailes, is a career diplomat and analyst, she uses her extensive experience to gauge the nature of so-called "new" threats to security and to present certain public policy guidelines useful in meeting these challenges

2. Keith Krause presents an academic's view of how recent trends in the nature of conflict can be understood against the wider backdrop of human violence, highlighting the need to consider the scale of both direct and indirect violence.

3. Ambassador Theodor Winkler brings to bear his expertise in security matters generally and SSR in particular, offering an interpretation of the changing nature of threats to security in an increasingly globalised world, and an appraisal of the parameters of a global response.

While contributing a refined understanding of the broader context in which DCAF's work takes place, it is hoped that this publication will also prove relevant to a broad audience beyond the diverse array of partners with whom DCAF already works. Gaining a deeper understanding of the stakes of conflict as it evolves and changes will be a key determinant of future policy options to strengthen governance of the security sector and assist in meaningful reform.