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Security Sector Reform in South East Europe - from a Necessary Remedy to a Global Concept

1 January, 2007


Table of Contents


Neven Pelicarić

Partnership for Peace and Security Sector Reform.
Chris Morffew

The Role of International Organisations in SSR: UN, OECD-DAC, OSCE and others.
David M. Law

Progress in EU SSR Policies – the Austrian EU Presidency and Beyond.
Rudolf Logothetti

Assessing Progress on Security Sector Reform in South East Europe – a View from the Finnish EU Presidency.
Pasi Pöysäri

National Strategy and Security Sector Reform in Southeast Europe.
Matthew Rhodes

A Security Sector Review in Kosovo – An Holistic Approach to SSR.
Anthony Cleland Welch

Defence Reform in South East Europe: A Comprehensive Overview.
Amadeo Watkins

Ongoing Defense Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Challenges and Perspectives.
Zoran Šajinović

Defence Reform in Serbia and/or Montenegro: Hampering Exceptionalism.
Svetlana Djurdjevic-Lukic

Police Co-operation in South Eastern Europe – Stability Pact Initiatives in Combating Organised Crime.
Reto Brunhart

Taking Stock of SSR in SEE: Police and Justice Reform Security.
Jozsef Boda

Police Reform in Serbia: an Overview 2000 – 2006.
Branka Bakic

Reform Processes in the Police – the Case of Croatia.
Krunoslav Antoliš

Security Sector Reform in South East Europe – Border Security: What has been done, What remains to be done?
Jürgen Reimann

Police Reform in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia.
Ferdinand Odzakov

The Border Security System of the Republic of Montenegro – Current State and Further Development Perspectives.
Dejan Bojic

Intelligence Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International Community.
Kalman Kocsis

The Status of Serbia’s Intelligence Reform and its Challenges.
Saša Janković

Executive Summary
Alex G. W. Dowling


Anja H. Ebnöther, Ernst M. Felberbauer, & Mladen Stani?i?