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Security and human rights toolkit

26 September, 2022



Security is an issue for all companies whether it relates to their field operations, supply chains, or contractors. Responsible security management is especially challenging in complex environments where governance is weak and companies face the task of  managing overlapping and complex networks of stakeholders.

Companies must address the rules, needs and expectations of host governments and communities as well as consider the roles, capacities and impacts of using public or private security. These challenges are compounded today by an evolving security landscape, marked by human rights impacts of major societal disruptions created by global challenges such as climate change and pandemics, as well as by a wide range of expectations from societal actors such as governments, civil society and investors.

The toolkit makes the management of security and human rights-related risks easier and helps companies address increasing expectations with respect to sustainability as well as business and human rights.

This toolkit is a practical handbook that brings together all relevant resources and good practices related to human rights compliant security practices, as well as tools and case studies that help translate the good practices to a particular operational context.

Access the online version of the toolkit

Languages: English. (French and Chinese available soon)