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Security and human rights implementation mechanism annual report 2020

1 October, 2021


This annual report provides an overview of the activities undertaken in 2020, including outcomes, results, and next steps foreseen for the 23 active SHRIM projects in 2020. For five of these projects, most activities had concluded in 2019, with 2020 seeing the publication or finalisation of policy reports or legacy project activities. It includes a list of active projects in 2020, indicating the thematic focus and SHRIM donor(s) for each. In doing so, DCAF seeks to increase clarity and transparency for all who follow our work.

The report presents two spotlights: one on how the SHRIM’s programming in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2018 has served as a flagship project – demonstrating the concrete impact of our work on the ground, as well as the SHRIM’s objectives of achieving donor coherence and value for money – and on projects examining business, gender, and security.