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The role of CSOs in the good governance of private security in Nigeria


DCAF, in partnership with AFRILAW and the Private security governance observatory, developed the publication “Private Security Governance Challenges and the relevance of International Norms and Best Practices: A Guide for Civil Society and Media, NIGERIA”. 

The Guide was developed to empower a strong and informed civil society and media: with the aims of providing updated information on the various challenges linked with private security companies’ activities in Nigeria. 
It includes a detailed overview of each of the six geographical regions of the country and provides guidance to CSOs and media on international norms and best practices. 

The Guide draws on the three main sources of international norms and good practices for the good governance of PSCs namely the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (the Code), the Montreux Document on Private Military and Security Companies, and the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPs).

In this series of interviews, CSOs and Media representatives share their opinion on the tool, their role in the good governance of private security in Nigeria as well as their additional needs to fully fulfill their mandate.