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The road to stability: rethinking SSR in post-conflict Libya

12 November, 2021



Ten years of turmoil, conflict, internal fragmentation, and foreign meddling have exacted a heavy toll on Libya’s social and political fabric, as well as severely impacted its system of governance.

This edited volume is dictated by the urgency to provide support to the efforts to stabilize the country given the partial success in establishing a unified executive authority in Tripoli in 2021.

Building on recent publications, as well as on its own operational experience in Libya, DCAF wishes to offer unique expertise and insights regarding SSR in Libya and in contexts of fragility, conflict and violence. In line with DCAF operational objectives, we aim at finding solutions to enable progress towards a plan for SSR in Libya. This edited volume on SSG/R in Libya is featuring contributions of key experts on Libya and on the various facets of hybridity in conflict environments in the continuum between SSR and DDR.

This report was funded by the donors of the Trust Fund for North Africa (TFNA).


Emadeddin Badi, Archibald Gallet and Roberta Maggi