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Right to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly under Palestinian Legislation and International Conventions

30 June, 2020



The right to peaceful assembly is considered a basic human right. The guideline thus attempts to be a reference for official bodies, law enforcement officials, civil organizations, researchers, journalists, human rights defenders and Palestinian citizens in their attempt to adopting the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

The report tackles three main sections:

  • the right to freedom of peaceful assembly as stated in the Palestinian legislation,
  • the right to freedom of peaceful assembly in emergency legislation,
  • and finally, peaceful assembly in international treaties.

The guidebook displays various questions in order to identify deficiencies in the Palestinian legislation and introduces reviewed content in relation to the right to assembly as a basic right within international conventions. The report was prepared by a local legal expert who consulted a number of official bodies, such as the Ministry of Justice, human rights defenders, civil society institutions, and journalists who covered peaceful gatherings in practice.


Eman Redwan, Adam Styp-Rekowski