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Protecting migrants through good security sector governance in Southeast Asia

9 January, 2023



Southeast Asia is one of the most mobile regions in the world, and has some of the largest cross-border migration flows. At the same time, migrants are often seen as a security threat rather than a group in need of protection. This creates tensions and can confuse the roles and responsibilities of security actors.

This Thematic Brief looks at several direct links between security sector governance and the needs of migrant communities in Southeast Asia.

The study analyses the existing environment and the several layers of local, national, regional and international laws, policies and norms that shape the nexus between SSG and migration.

It also assesses the roles and responsibilities of different security sector actors, including non-state security providers and oversight mechanisms, and sketches the existing cooperation mechanisms, the shortcomings, and the challenges that lie ahead.

The Thematic Brief includes a series of suggestions on how migrant protection can be linked to SSR efforts in the region. 



Albrecht Schnabel