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Preventing Corruption in the Palestinian Security Sector: Improving the Consistency of the Palestinian Security Sector Legislation with the UN Convention against Corruption

1 November, 2015



The security sector often provides a fertile ground for corruption. It is frequently characterised by a culture of secrecy on the grounds of national security. This hinders accountability and creates the risk of patronage, nepotism and bribery. To fight this, states must create a legal and institutional framework grounded in the principles of good governance.

Palestinian efforts to build integrity in their security sector were advanced when Palestine acceded to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in April 2014. In order to help implement this convention, the Council of Ministers requested that DCAF assess the changes to domestic legislation that would be required.

By signing the UNCAC, along with a host of other international conventions, the Palestinian National Authority has signaled its will to meet international standards for good governance. It now needs to take concrete steps to ensure thatthis will is made reality. DCAF hopes that this report will contribute to these efforts.