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Policy Recommendations of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly 2015

30 December, 2016


The policy recommendations featured in this volume provide the thread of the assembly’s response to the multifaceted challenges which characterized 2015. While NATO Parliamentary Assembly only adopts policy recommendations once a year at its annual session, the Assembly exceptionally adopted, at its spring session in Budapest, Hungary, in May 2015, and at the initiative of the Hungarian delegation, a Declaration on NATO Enlargement (419). In this text, the Assembly, which has traditionally been staunch supporter of NATO’s Open Door policy, affirmed its support for Montenegro’s membership, and recommitted itself to rendering aspirant countries all possible assistance to help them achieve their goal of NATO membership. The other policy recommendations featured in this booklet were adopted during the Assembly’s annual session in Stavanger, Norway, in October 2015, and are based on the reports prepared by the Assembly’s five Committees: The Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security; the Defence and Security Committee, the Political Committee, and the Science and Technology Committee.