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From Policy to Practice: the OECD's Evolving Role in Security System Reform

31 December, 2006



Please note hard copy includes both English and French versions.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. The Development of the OECD DAC Policy Approach to SSR

III. From Policy to Practice: the OECD Handbook

IV. Challenges and Opportunities for Improved SSR Implementation

V. Conclusion and Recommendations



This paper traces the evolution of the OECD DAC’s approach to SSR, reflected inthe development of its policy guidelines and a major shift towards assisting DACmember states in their SSR implementation. It considers the orientation andmembership of the organisation and how these factors affect adherence to anddissemination of OECD DAC policy provisions in this area. In order to betterunderstand the strengths and limitations of the OECD DAC and thus to address thechallenges for the organisation in the SSR field, this paper focuses on twointerrelated issues: the opportunities and constraints faced by the OECD DAC inpromoting a holistic SSR agenda and process-based and substantive issues relating to how the organisation tries to achieve its objectives. The paper concludes with anumber of policy recommendations that are intended to reinforce the evolving roleof the OECD DAC in SSR.