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Police Integrity Building Programme

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Police Integrity Building Programme

The Police Integrity Building Programme (PIBP) works with requesting countries in the development, implementation and evaluation of projects undertaken to establish and maintain police services that function with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

It provides guidance to a broad range of actors (including government officials, decision makers and senior/mid-level police managers) on how to best promote integrity within the police service. In order to ensure a holistic and effective approach to reform, the PIBP aims to coordinate and cooperate with partners in the region to strengthen judicial, parliamentary and civil society oversight.

The PIBP strategy comprises two strands. The first encompasses awareness-raising activities aimed at stimulating public debate on police integrity. The second includes the development of tailor-made capacity-building initiatives.

The PIBP operates within the broader framework of DCAF police support in Southeast Europe, but its principles and methodology can be expanded to other geographical areas.