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Perceptions of human security of young Moroccans

29 September, 2022



The Prometheus Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (IPDDH) and DCAF conducted a study on the perception of young Moroccans’ human security needs according to five dimensions: family, economy, health, public space, and politics.

The study adopts an inclusive and participatory approach in combining three methods: questionnaire, focus groups and life stories.

Thanks to a team of academic researchers and 14 young investigators, this study identifies the feeling of security of a sample of 1300 young people (18 to 34-year olds) of different backgrounds from nine regions of Morocco.

We asked them more than 124 questions related to their concerns and the various aspects of human security in their daily lives, with the purpose of addressing the following question: What does it mean to be a young person and to live in security in Morocco at present?

The study was officially launched during a seminar on the 29th of September 2022 in Rabat. Visit IPDDH's Facebook to (re)watch the conference:

Download the executive summary of the study "Perceptions of human security of young Moroccans"
Watch the summary video of the event
Download the factsheets on the main results of the study in Arabic


Yassin Bazzaz, Yasmine Boutaib and Cécile Lagoutte